Employee Gifts

There are no rules for when to demonstrate your appreciation for an employee.  Whether it’s because they have achieved a certain milestone, life event, or just because you want to appreciate them.

Honor your relationship with the right gesture.

*This image is an example of an Employee Gift box we have curated in the past. Every Gestur box is created for your unique needs.

How it works

Choose Your Box

Choose your box

Simply select the price option you would like and the occasion for sending a Gestur.


Give us the details

Tell us a little about you and the recipient(s) of your Gestur so we can create something special.

Your Gestur is crafted

We thoughtfully and ethically source items, then carefully package and send them off with our utmost gratitude.

A gifting opportunity for any occasion




Still Searching?

Get in touch with our team to make the perfect Gestur, tailored to your needs.